• A new tank in a new high-end carbon fiber rear tail manufactured by an industrial process

    FUEL TANK 28 Liters
    Vmax 1700

    A distance of more than 330 km is now possible with the RENOVATIO upgrade exclusively sold by MIP

    Coming soon...

  • Mechanism to centrifugal effect to prevent clutch slippage during heavy accelerations to Vmax GEN2

    Vmax 1700

    Treat your supercharged engine anti-skid for your clutch

  • Airscoops aluminum and ABS (carbon optionnal)

    New air scoops VMX17

    MIP exclusivity

  • mechanism provided for toilet paper rolls

    PQ-R7X reel toilet paper

    An articulated aluminum mechanism, designed for aesthetes of the art

  • equipment of an exceptional level of quality to delight aesthetes

    Vmax 1700

    A license plate holder qualitatively well designed to change style.

    This model is placed at the top end of the possible evolution...

  • This new package provides a more aesthetic reconciling the massive presence of the speedometer with the rest

    Vmax 1700

    Finally! LED headlight seriously studied in a fairing to complete your demonic machine.

    An air deflector fixed or dynamic either brings a little more aerodynamic, significant.

  • Vortex design for ultimate Vmax GEN2

    Vmax 1700

    Dare to be different with refined pieces to sublimate the engine design

  • Pair of engine mounts look at hi-tech with extra features

    Hi-X17 Race

    A pair of engine mounts coming out of the ordinary

  • set of replacement exhaust tips

    M32 Akrapovic, Vmax GEN2

    End caps muffler way assault rifle

  • socket usb & 4 buttons on handlebar bridge for vmax gen 2

    Handlebar bridge USB & buttons

    Vmax GEN 2

    Another way to simplify life

  • Krotal for Vmax gen2

    Vmax gen 2

    Flashing with strong side lighting to outsmart road traps

  • An example of integration of LED technology for optimum security legally

    PHARE 5.75" LEDs
    Vmax 1200 or other bike

    This headlight is the one you need if you like the style to combine the effectiveness of night and day

  • tuning vmax 1200 ghost laser logo

    LOGO LASER "VMAX" 1200

    A useful little gadget to make it fun ...

  • gadget for new style tuning vmax

    LOGO LASER "VMAX" 1700

    A little light gadget to make a difference ...

  • No featured products at this time.
  • This beautiful Vmax 1700, belongs to a perfectionist detail-oriented customer ...
  • Here Vmax 1700 a German customer who has customize his machine as a "fighter aircraft"
  • Here is a Victory of an American customer, which he equipped with MIP covers "cheese wedge"
  • Here we have a client Bonneville Franco / English lover of sobriety and efficiency
  • Here is the ultimate Vmax of a rider in racing dragster, Steph!
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