Console directed air flow

Operating principle:

The console is equipped with a front air intake for collecting and directing the airflow in 3 directions.

The profile of the internal channels in the console are designed to create lines of flux that will inter-act on the trajectory of the mass of dynamic ambient air by creating a sort of aerodynamic bubble near the driver's helmet.

Its action will be felt in high-speed advantage.

Integration "motoscope PRO"

This console allows to integrate the manufacturer of the meter motogadget.

An adapter will eventually install the "mini-scope" with the LED bar.

A location is expected to install the push button for navigating menus.

There are 4 other locations reserved for the 3mm LEDs corresponding to the activation (Optional) selective 4 pushbutton of the trigger guard.


Console Motoscope Pro

airflow control

console unit motogadget

black housing motoscope pro

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