Phare LED 5.75", Yamaha Vmax 1200


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8 pcs CREE-XML 10W - 300% more power

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An essential component to feel safe in day and night

  • This lighthouse CREE LED technology (8 XML-10W LEDs) comes from the latest technical advances.
  • European E-mark homologation.
  • The optical H4 halogen traditional does not cover the usual needs namely a homogeneous light spectrum from the first meters in front of the bike to the most effect éloigné.En point H4 bulb filament or feeds that generates the light beam said fire crossing or the filament that generates the light beam said fire road. This mode of operation necessarily imply a loss of efficiency because you lose the benefits of one in favor of another. In addition, the optical technology is very old (smooth and striated reflector glass) it is not posssible to compete with the latest just by changing the bulb technologies. There will certainly gain, but the benefit remains illusory for use.
  • The real cost effective alternative is to replace the optical H4 by that we offer, because it is designed to cover the needs to see clearly regardless of the mode (low beam or high beam). Indeed, low beam power 2 lenticular 4 CREE LEDs, channel the light flow ideally on the floor and when you switch to high beam, they always remain active with power reduction over the long range réfecteurs, 4 using CREE LEDs. In total 8 LEDs are active. Therefore, you do not have a gray area in the first 20 meters in front of the motorcycle.
  • undoubtedly you will receive the benefits of this technology, when visibility is degraded by bad weather.
  • We provide a perfect integration to replace the original optical whilst retaining the same possibilities of adjustment. The original casing is preserved, your Vmax will not be distorted either.
  • This upgrade allows lighting to be accessible to as many people without spending more than reason.
  • Installation is very easy to achieve, however if you doubt and you do not want to make this adjustment yourself, please send your full lighthouse and we will take this free adaptation.

Technical information summary

- 2800LM@30W on Low Beam ; 3780LM@42W on High Beam
- Available in a 9-36v DC configuration
- Durable Polycarbonate lens stands up to harsh environmental conditions
- Rugged solid LEDs mean never having to replace another bulb again!
- Light Source:8pcs CREE(XML-10W) LED


This type of light can well be adapted to another type of motorcycle, so we suggest you study your needs in order to validate the achievement before engaging purchase.

Extrait du certificat d'homologation E-mark


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Phare LED 5.75", Yamaha Vmax 1200

Phare LED 5.75", Yamaha Vmax 1200


8 pcs CREE-XML 10W - 300% more power